Outfit of the day – Zara top

Since we are fast approaching spring, I thought a new, lovely spring outfit is a must. I am absolutely head over heels in love with this new Zara blouse. When I saw it in the shop I had to instantly go and get it. You will see that a lot of this post features Zara… coincidence? I think not!


(top – zara, trousers – missguided sold out, similar zara, leather jacket – zara, shoes – forever 21 sold out similar zara, watch – fossil)

Zara wishlist

Hi guys,
there are so many beautiful pieces in Zara at the moment that when I looked around the shop I just couldn’t resist making a blogpost about it.
They combine elements of every single Spring trend; looks designer but costs highstreet. What more would you need?
Here are my top picks:

collage 1collage 2

  1. Flat leather shoes with buckle – £49.99
  2. Off-the-shoulder cropped top – £5.99
  3. Skirt with metallic details – £25.99
  4. Floral embroidered dress – £59.99
  5. Off-the-shoulder striped blouse – £25.99
  6. City bag with wolf detail – £49.99
  7. Cropped sweater with ribbon details – £17.99
  8. Flowing frilled trousers – £29.99


Outfit of the day

Hi guys,
Another outfit for you today. It’s simple, yet classy and one of my favourites to wear when I know I have to go for something on a formal side. And of course, there is a touch of pink there which is absolute favourite colour ever since I was a child, so can’t go wrong!


(roll neck – topshop, dress – zara, shoes – forever 21, tights – primark (favourite!), necklace – fat face, watch – fossil) 

Valentine’s Day Outfit

Valentine’s Day is an awkward time for me. It’s my birthday the week after and our anniversary falls at about the same time too so we never really do much to celebrate it hence why I am not putting any hopes up of getting a present on the day! However, if you are looking for an inspiration on what to wear to your Valentine’s dinner or a girly get-together, I am coming to a rescue.
This outfit, I feel, is very girly yet edgy. The combination of the baby pink (which I absolutely love by the way!) and the leather is definitely something I am very into at the moment and provides a classy yet effortless look. The over-the-knee boots just add that little bit of femininity. Hope you enjoy!

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(skirt – topshop, top – zara, boots – boohoo, watch – fossil, bracelet – pandora)

What’s in my bag?

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Hi guys! I love reading ‘what’s in my bag posts’ and watching Youtube videos with the same content. Do I just love being nosey? Probably! I thought, however, that these kind of posts are really interesting to make and so, here I am and this is my bag. I have ordered it recently from Boutique of Molly due to its uncanny resemblance to Louis Vuitton bags that I can’t afford. When I received it, I didn’t think much of it. It was pretty but I didn’t think I would be reaching for it a lot. How wrong was I?! This bag has soon became a favourite of mine; it is honestly one of the handiest bags I have ever owned and made me ditch my long loved Topshop backpack. It has so many handy pockets, the size is just right and the make is very detailed.
But what do I carry in it, you may ask?

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Everything and yet is seems like nothing at all? 🙂
  1. A water bottle – because you have to stay hydrated throughout the day, right? I can’t imagine not carrying a water bottle with me everywhere I go so this is a definite essential, especially with my current ‘trying to be heatlhy’ lifestyle.
  2. Tangle Teezer – in pink, of course. I need a hairbrush in my bag, it is a must, as my hair does tend to get quite tangly and flat throughout the day and a brush always helps a lot.
  3. A matching purse from Boutique of Molly – A matching purse isn’t always a must but I couldn’t resist! It look very pretty and fits everything in the two sections provided; one for coins and one for cards/notes. Just the right size.
  4. A diary – with cats on and in pink. Two of my favourite things put together, so it had to be this one, right?! I always try to get into using a diary and it never works. I am not going to lie, I use it sporadically and no matter how many times I tell myself to use it more often there are usually just assignment deadlines and special birthdays mark in it. But it’s cute and I always want to start writing in it so it does indeed find a place in my bag. Am I just making it unnecessarily heavy?
  5. Glasses – from Mango. (Yes, they do have a case but it just didn’t fit the photo.. blogger life?) I have them because I am shortsighted; pretty self explanatory, right? I don’t think I wear them enough, so the wrinkle on my forehead from all the squinting I do isn’t yet going anywhere (if you’re shortsighted, you feel my pain!)
  6. NYX Lipsticks and Lip glosses – These, pretty much, are left laying around my whole house so you are bound to find some in my bag. I use them basically every day and dump them in my bag when I leave the house and never take them out.
  7. A book – Stranger Child by Rachel Abbott, a psychological thriller that I am unable to put down. I love a psychological thriller; they’re my favourite kinds of books and movies so this one, has really caught my attention. It pulls you in from the first chapter. I carry it in my bag, as I travel quite a lot and end up sitting on buses for quite a while, so instead of staring out of the window I’d rather do something to stimulate my brain, like reading.
  8. Make up bag – except, there’s no make up in as there is no way I will be touching up on my make up throughout the day (lazy girl problems). But what is?

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  1. Tampons – because I am a woman, nothing more to say about this one.
  2. Hand sanitiser – As I said, I travel quite a lot on public transport. Ever tried holding onto a handle on a bus just to find that it was wet and sticky? Yeah.. hand sanitiser is a must.
  3. Hand cream – because hand sanitiser dries my hands out. This is a Body Shop one that I got for Christmas. It has a really lovely smell and is really moisturising. And just the right size to fit in my small make up bag!
  4. Bobby pins – I have long hair with a form of a fringe at the front (I say ‘form of’ as.. it’s not really a fringe, it’s just shorter at the front?) so when my hair is in a ponytail a bit is bound to fall about and annoy me for the whole day. Hence why, these are a necessity in my bag.
  5. Plasters – I can’t be the only person in the world to have such a difficult relationship with shoes? Literally, no shoes other than trainers are ever kind to me. I end up with terrible blisters literally every time I wear any kind of a heel, ballet flats, sandals and because I can’t have a unflattering shoe ruin my outfit, a need plasters ALL. THE. TIME.
  6. Zoella Mist – in Sweet Inspirations scent? I got a set of these for Christmas and this is by far my favourite. Because I can’t be bothered to carry my actual perfume with me as it’s big and I constantly worry about smashing it, this mini version of the Zoella mist is just perfect for my bag. Just when I need a pick me up smell.
Hope you enjoyed looking into my bag and the things that are actually in it. What do you carry in your bags? Anything that is a necessity for you?  Let me know! Hope you have a lovely week ahead of you.
Julia x

ASOS wishlist

Hi guys!
This post was incredibly fun to prepare. I love looking through shop websites anyway, ASOS in particular (yes, that is how I spend my Friday evenings, thank you very much), and picking out the most amazing stuff is particularly difficult because.. I just want to buy it all and who has the money to do that?! Nevertheless, with my birthday coming up soon I have decided to show you some of my favourite pieces currently available on the ASOS website with the hope of maybe giving some hints to my loved ones; they could provide inspiration for you, my dear readers, or maybe trigger you to do some shopping… not pressuring but retail therapy is the best therapy, right? 🙂
  1. ASOS Suede Biker Jacket – £90
  2. Reclaimed Vintage Tank Vest With Guns n Roses Print and Sequin Patches – £45
  3. ASOS Smock Top in Gingham – £25
  4. ASOS Denim Girlfriend Jacket with Pink Satin Edge – £50
  5. ASOS Corset Detail T-Shirt Dress – £32
  6. ASOS Top Spot Heeled Sandals – £38
  7. ASOS Leather Mini Skirt with Paint and Stud Detail – £95
  8. ASOS Patchwork Backpack – £28

Everyday University Outfit

Hi everyone!
The time has come when I’m back at university again. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate it hate it, I just… would much rather remain in my comfy bed watching yet another series on Netflix (Series of Unfortunate Events it is at the moment. Absolutely love Neil Patrick Harris!) rather than having to wake up at 6 in the morning to begin my one hour journey to the lecture. So, when it comes to choosing outfits for University, I ALWAYS choose comfort. There is nothing worse for me than having to spend seven hours at a university in a skirt that keeps turning out of place, or shoes that keep giving me terrible blisters. Today I am giving you an example of an outfit that I would definitely turn to in those early morning. I have paired a baggy jumper (which I love!) with some mum jeans and some comfortable, yet very much ‘in’, trainers from Nike. Hope you enjoy!

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(top – bershka, jeans – asos, cardigan – zara, trainers – nike, belt – asos, backpack – topshop)