Make up that I actually bothered using on holiday

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Hi guys,
Hope you’re having a lovely summer and you get to see places that you wanted to see.
As you probably already know, as I cannot seem to shut up about it, I have recently been fortunate enough to visit Greece, or more specifically, Rhodes. It was an amazing experience which you can read about in my previous blog post.
Now, trust me when I say that I am rubbish at packing. My boyfriend tells me off constantly for taking things that I will not be using and although I argue back, most of the time he is right. As much as I can’t imagine my life without make up in everyday life, on holiday, I barely ever use anything despite packing a full make up bag. So today, I thought I would share with you some of the make up that I actually bothered using in the hot weather (unless we were going to the beach… then no make up it was. No one likes panda eyes, do they?).
  1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Dark Brown – £15.50 – I have no eyebrows. No, that is a lie. I do have eyebrows. Just not much of them. My hair is naturally very dark (it’s ombred now, so the roots are) but somehow, my eyebrows just decided not to match the hair on my head and are considerably lighter. That is why I need to fill in my eyebrows, otherwise, I look awkward. Well, I think only I think that. Because I had my eyebrows tinted before I left, I didn’t need that much of a filling, as I would usually go for the pomade, but the Brow Wiz was amazing for just filling in the tiny parts that needed to be coloured. 
  2. MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage – £21.50 – Why would you wear a primer without wearing a foundation, you may ask? Well, this primer gives the loveliest glow. As much as I tend to want to stay matte back in England due to struggling with an oily t-zone, on holiday I am all about the glow. This just makes my skin appear smooth, healthy and glowing without having to apply the heavy foundation.
  3. Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer – £5.49 – Despite not wanting to have full coverage on my face, the late nights spent drinking cocktails in bars, were really showing on my face. This concealer is amazing at covering the dark circles under your tired eyes. I applied it just there and lightly patted it in with the tips of my fingers (who can be bothered to wet their Beauty Blender?!). Instantly, my face would look so much more awake and ready to face the day of walking, sunlight and sightseeing.
  4. Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks in Pink Cloud – £1.99 – I don’t tend to use much bronzer on holiday because, let’s face it, you are probably hoping to catch at least a little bit of sun on your face to not have to do that. However, I still like to use a blusher to give my face a little bit of a healthier look (remember the cocktails?). These blushers are amazing. They are so affordable, have some lovely shades and the packaging is so small and easy to fit into any make up bag. Of course, due to the price, it does not last you all day, however it has impressed me a lot more than some of the higher end blushers I have used. If you ever have 2 quid to spend and are round Boots, give them a go.
  5. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara – £8.99 – I realise that I probably should have gone for something waterproof as although you’re not swimming when sightseeing, you still sweat. However, I did not notice any residue under my eyes after a whole day of wearing it. A lot of people rave about this mascara, for all good reasons. It is affordable, coats your lashes nicely and does not clump. I quite like it, however, suffering with short eyelashes, I’m yet to find my dream mascara.
  6. NYX Butter Gloss in Angel Food Cake – £5.50 – I have talked about these glosses before. I absolutely love them. They have an amazing colour selection, are affordable and look great on the lips. On holiday, I don’t tend to use much lipstick, unless I’m going out for dinners in the evening, but throughout daytime, I love a nice, subtle glow on my lips. This lipgloss gives me just that. You have to try it. This colour is particularly a lovely nude and is also great to combine with a nude lipstick of your choice.
What are your holiday essentials? Let me know. I hope you enjoyed!

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Holiday Essentials


Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetWith summer fully gracing us with its presence, a lot of people are getting ready for their holidays. Whether you are going abroad or staying in the country, I wanted to share with you what I can’t live without on holiday. Hope you enjoy!
  1. A hat – I suffer from health anxiety. And how is this anything to do with hats? Well, when you suffer from health anxiety every little symptom turns into a massive deal. When on holiday, I am paranoid about suffering from heat stroke due to being exposed in the sun for too long. Keeping a hat on, allows me to protect my head and so, ease my anxiety. You should really wear it, even if you don’t suffer with anxiety though. Heat stroke is a real thing!
  2. Appropriate clothing – I love a relaxing holiday, (which is why a bikini is a necessity!)  but I can’t stay at the beach or by the pool for too long. I’m the kind of person who loves exploring new places, often by foot. A bikini, loose, cotton clothing and comfortable shoes (usually my trusty Birkenstocks) I literally live in on holidays.
  3. SPF and Aftersun – I mean.. do I have to explain this one? I burn. Badly. After a day on the beach, I look like a lobster. And that is with SPF. SPF 50 is therefore necessary for me, especially around the face and shoulders area. I usually use a 20 for the rest of my body and try to reapply every time I get out of the sea, even though the brands claim to be water resistant. I mean.. you can never be too safe, right? Aftersun (I’m screaming Love Island reference) is also a must to help your skin heal after being exposed to the sun. In the picture, there are my trusty Nivea ones which I have used ever since I was little. On the other hand though, my boyfriend rarely ever uses SPF and never suffers. Where is the justice?
  4. Backpack – Pretty much similar to number 2. As stated already, I love exploring and trips when on holiday. Backpacks make carrying a load just that little bit more comfortable. When in hot places, you definitely need a bottle of water, or even a spare pair of sunglasses. Instead of hurting your shoulder by carrying a massive beach bag, backpacks are there to save you.
  5. Hair products – When you’re out on the beach or going for a skiing holiday, your hair will suffer. Whether it’s the intense heat, cold, sea salt or the sun. My hair is half bleached which means it’s prone to get dry anyway. Having a hair oil such as the Morrocan one, allows you to moisturise any of these dry strands whenever you feel the need to without weighing your beachy locks down.
  6. A camera – Sorry, it’s not in the picture. I was taking the photo with it! I always have a camera with me when on holiday or even during any weekends away or even just the occasional one day trips to new places. I love to document my life and look back at the memories at later stages. I am still to print all of my photographs out. I have a few albums from when I was a child and absolutely love looking through them as they bring back a lot of nostalgia. I think it’s a shame that the habit of printing out photographs has been lost in the digital era of cameras. Definitely a goal for this year!

Oily dehydrated skin… what?!

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Hi guys,
hope you’re having a lovely weekend. I certainly am… (except for the massive load of University work that is still waiting for me to complete it. But hey, nothing’s more important than a roast dinner at a pub on a Sunday, right?!)
Today, I wanted to talk to you about my skin. The one on my face.
Now, I have written (spoken?) about this subject a lot before and from what you can gather from my previous post,  my skin has always been very problematic. In the weekday mornings (and I do not know why there is a difference!) my skin is quite smooth and manageable, as at the weekend mornings it turns into a dry mess that makes applying foundation, without a dump beauty blender, pretty much impossible (is it the lay in? Please tell me it’s not the lay in…). No matter how my skin behaves in the mornings, by about 2pm you could literally be able to see your own reflection on my forehead. No, I am not exaggerating. The sebum build up on my forehead, nose and tops of my cheeks was something that has haunted me ever since my teenage years. I have always blamed it on having oily skin and kept using moisturises focused on this condition or… not use a moisturiser at all (I know, beauty addicts, it’s a sin!). It was only very recently that I have decided to get my skin checked by a skin expert (they probably have a specific name?) at a SPA we went to and I could not have been more wrong about my skin. I found out that my skin was classified as oily DEHYDRATED skin. At first I was like… is this even a thing? My poor, ignorant self has only ever heard of three skin types; oily, dry and combination, so this was a complete mystery. It turned out I had to thoroughly hydrate my skin in order to stop the excess sebum production, because apparently that’s what happens when your skin does not have enough moisture.
So… I have completely switched up my skincare routine in order to match the needs of my skin. Maybe, this will help someone out there. I use these products in the order shown, except for the last Aveda mask which I only put on overnight. These products are highly moisturising and nourishing which is apparently what my skin has been missing. I have noticed that with the right primer (hello, Benefit Porefessional!) my skin does not produce half of the oil is used to and has sorted itself out in the morning. I still get an occasional dry skin on my nose but I am yet to find a good exfoliator. Any ideas?
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Thayer Cucumber Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Alcohol-Free Toner – £16.00 – 355ml
Avene Soothing Moisture Mask – £11.50 – 50ml
La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Rich Cream – £17.00 – 50ml
La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Intense Serum – £19.00 – 30ml

Review Sunday: My Favourite Drugstore Foundation

Hi guys!
So, the weekend is already over. It went so quickly. I have an exam on Wednesday which is making me freak out a bit as I feel I haven’t done nearly enough revising for it. But hey, it will all be ok. It will all work out, right? I’ll have a banana in the morning and it will work like it did in Primary School, I’m sure! 😉
Anyway, beside the point.
Today, I am delighted to share with you a review of my favourite drugstore foundation. I bet you can already tell the outcomes of it! Off we go.


Name: Revlon ColorStay Makeup for Combination/Oily skin
Brand: Revlon
Price: £12.99
Tested on animals: They claim not to, however, they do apparently sell their products in China where animal testing is required by law.
What I like about it:
  • The coverage of this is amazing. If you are one of the people that tend to end up with an occasional pimple or redness then this foundation will work wonders for you for the price. Of course it isn’t going to cover things such as moles or scars, however, if like me you prefer a heavier coverage than a simple BB cream this foundation is for you. It provides a nice coverage without looking fake and too heavy on the skin.
  • If you suffer from an oily t-zone or oiliness in general this foundation will keep you matter for longer. Because I suffer with oily dehydrated skin which is often the most difficult to deal with, my foundation will often rub off and become cakey throughout the course of the day. If used with a good powder and primer this foundation is the best at keeping me matte from all the foundation I have tried so far, especially the drugstore ones.
  • Great for lazy girls, like me! The foundation requires minimal touch ups throughout the day which is something that is alway a big plus for me.
  • There are a variety of colours and I feel like a lot of people will be able to find their shade. I am currently the shade Sand Beige, however, I change it up whenever I fake tan. The colours don’t look too orange on the face and provide a nice, natural finish.
  • Compared to other holy grail foundations this costs fraction of a price. I think you do get your value for money; my bottle usually lasts me a couple of months depending on whether I use it daily or not. Revlon recently came out with new packaging for the product and it now includes a pump which makes the foundation really easy to use and definitely less messy (has anyone used it when it didn’t have a pump? It was a nightmare!)
What I didn’t like:
  • If you struggle with dry patches as well as oiliness this foundation does tend to cling to the dry areas and not blend out as nicely. I tend to use it more on the days when my skin feels oilier than usual.
  • Due to the foundation being quite heavy and mattifying it does take a while to blend it out to look natural, especially when using a brush not a Beauty Blender. It can be annoying on morning when you’ve overslept.
Overall rating: 4.9/5. – Although my favourite, it is still not my perfect foundation. I am forever looking for something that will make my skin glow without it looking oily. Due to suffering with an oily t-zone, all of the products recommended to me are mattifying. I do however dream of being able to use a sheer foundation with a glow one day and be able to pull off that ‘strobing’ effect.


Review Sunday: Battle of the moisturisers!

Another Sunday, another review.
Today I’m going to be comparing my two favourite moisturisers; one is drugstore and one is high-end. Which one should you go for?
Name: Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream – Hydrating Moisturiser
Brand: Kiehl’s
Price: £24.50
Tested on animals: Claim to not test on animals except when required by law. So they do, partly.
What I liked:
  • It is thick and moisturising. When you put it on it almost feels as if your skin is drinking (literally!) and it’s one of the best feelings in a skincare routine. The skin is left feeling smooth and hydrated.
  • It has a subtle smell of a typical ‘face cream’ (do you know that smell?) which I really enjoy as it isn’t too overpowering. It is very gentle to the skin and doesn’t irritate it; it feels like it doesn’t contain any unnecessary chemicals to make it appealing but rather focuses on the effectiveness.
  • I’d say it’s good for all skin types. My skin is combination skin and I feel that it managed to hydrate the dry patches while balancing out the oiliness. The company itself doesn’t specify which skin type the moisturiser should be used for, however it seems to be advised to use it for dry skin. I don’t think that this is the case.
  • It absorbs so easily. Once it’s on, you don’t have to rub it in for absolute ages to wait for the white lines to disappear and at the same time, it doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight. I love this, as I usually rush through my skincare routine and don’t have to wait to follow with my next step.
What I didn’t like:
  • Other than the price and lack of SPF, I don’t really think there was anything I disliked. I do have to say, it is quite pricy for the amount you get in the pot compared to the high-street brands. However, the quality is amazing so I wouldn’t say this was too much of an issue for me.
    Overall rating: 5/5. – Definitely! I love it too much to say anything else.
(Yes, the black blob to the right of the photo is my cat sleeping!)
Name: Simple Kind to Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser
Brand: Simple
Price: About £4.00 but often on offer.
Tested on animals: No (yay!)
What I liked:
  • Again, so moisturising! I have used it in the winter as well as in the summer after my skin was exposed to a little bit too  much sun and it has worked through it all. It works wonders for any dry patches that appear on my skin and leave my skin feeling soft and hydrated which is what you would expect from a moisturiser, right?.
  • The value for the price. It is cheap, no doubt about that and a little goes a long way. I love how this is a moisturiser just about anyone can go out and buy. It is also widely available in shops; you can get it in the usual Boots and Superdrug, but I have also seen it in places like Tesco.
  • It is really gentle and again, has that lovely, natural smell to it. It feels calming on the skin and doesn’t make me break out. I feel that it would be a good suit for sensitive skin.
  • It is a lot thinner than Kiehl’s when applying. The texture isn’t as thick which some people prefer.
What I didn’t like:
  • It doesn’t absorb as easily. Once you put it on, you do have to wait a little while for it to sink in completely and although this is only probably about 30 seconds, I do notice it, especially when putting on a thicker layer on those winter days.
  • Although the moisturiser claims to be ‘rich’ and work for the driest of skins, looking at the texture I don’t know if this is necessarily true. I don’t have really dry skin myself, so can’t tell you exactly, however, the texture is quite light and I have seen this brought up in other reviews of this product.
    Overall rating: 4.9/5 – I love this moisturiser too. The 0.1 deduction is purely due to the fact that it’s not absorbed as easily as the Kiehl’s moisturiser. It works perfectly for my skin and it is an absolute bargain. These are the kind of products I love.
Overall, I would recommend for you to try both of these if you can. Both are moisturising, hydrating and I think, effective with sensitive skin. However, if you’re on a budget then the Simple Moisturiser is always my go to. I think you can’t go wrong for such a price!

What make up did I get for my birthday?

Hi guys!

So yes, it was my birthday. I am now officially an adult in all countries; I am 21. Still feel about 16 though, anyone feel me?

Today I wanted to show you all the make up I was kindly gifted by my family and friends. Part two of my birthday gifts will be coming soon with all the remaining birthday gifts that didn’t quite make it into the make up category. I am beyond excited to start using all of this!


Anastasia Beverly Hills – Modern Renaissance Palette – £41.00
Sigma Beauty – Tapered Blending Brush (E40) – £12.75
Zoeva – Luxe Classic Shader Brush (232) in Rose Gold – £8.99
Zoeva – Luxe Highlight Brush (105) – £12.99
Zoeva – Soft Concealer Brush – £8.99
Anastasia Beverly Hills – Dipbrow Pomade in Dark Brown – £15.00
Anastasia Beverly Hills – Brow Wiz in Dark Brown – £15.50
MAC – Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Soft Ochre- £16.00


Honest Review Sunday: NYX Lip Products


Hi guys!
Today, I’m bringing you a review of my favourite products to use one every day basis. These include liquid lipsticks, lip glosses and lip liners all from the brand NYX. So, let’s get into it! Are they worth the money?
Name: NYX Professional Makeup Soft Matte Lip Creams, NYX Professional Makeup Mechanical Lip Pencil, NYX Professional Makeup Butter Gloss
Brand: NYX
Price: £5.50 – lipsticks and lip liners, £5.00 – lip gloss
Tested on animals: No (yay!)
What I liked:
  • The products are all very pigmented and give off very intense colours. The colour range is great, you can choose from 34 shades so anyone can find something for themselves. You can easily mix and match different shades of lipsticks, liners and glosses to achieve a perfect lip for you. If you’re looking for the perfect nude, I really recommend the lip liner in the colour Natural combined with the lipstick in the shade Abu Dhabi.
  • They are cheap! Compared to other lip products on the market they are a really low price and a good quality for that. They are comparable with other lip products that are a much higher price, so it’s a win situation really.
  • The lip glosses have the prettiest shine to them and make your lips look really plump. They aren’t too sticky and feel lightweight on the lips. They look just as pretty on top of a lipstick as well as on their own. I wasn’t always a lip gloss fan but these are certainly worth the hype.
  • They aren’t too big in size and so are very handy. You can pop them in your handbag, pocket etc, which I sometimes struggle with when, for example liquid lipsticks, are a bit chunkier in size.
  • The applicators are good. It is a little sponge for both the lipsticks and lip glosses which fits nicely on the lips, even the very narrow ones like mine. The products glide on smoothly and the formula allows the easy application as it does allow some drying time so that you can correct any mistakes you make.
What I didn’t like:
  • They are a bit drying, especially the lipsticks. If you suffer with really dry lips then a lip scrub will be a must and the products certainly won’t help. You may not get away with just wearing the lipstick on its own and may need to use a gloss. Whether this is due to the brand or whether it is just the curse of liquid lipsticks, is up to you to decide.
  • They don’t last awfully long; well, at least not for me. They look great but I find I have to reapply them often, especially when eating or drinking. As soon as my lips touch a glass of water, the products will immediately start wearing away and I also do find I have to put on another layer of the gloss at least every hour. This doesn’t bother me as much, as I really love the products, but if you’re looking for something really long lasting you may want to spend a bit more money.
Overall rating: 4/5. I really love these products; they are one of my favourites and I often use them daily and yes, they are always somewhere in my handbag. Although slightly drying and not so long-lasting, for the price I really don’t think this is an issue. There is a great colour range and you can find something for every occasion, starting from the perfect nude ending on the staple red. If you haven’t yet tried them out, it would certainly be something I would recommend.