Best friend gift guide

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Hi guys,
Hope you’re all well!
So, September is here. We’re actually halfway through September already, can you believe it? September is an exciting month for me… It’s one of my best friends’ birthday. She is the most difficult person to buy for; she is the pickiest eater, the most particular about her room decor and crazy about her skincare.
So, when  reached out to me, I looked at their website and was more than impressed. I could finally find something special to get her and get some peace of mind! 🙂 I have found some great gifts that I really wanted to share with you and a gift guide was, of course, the best option to do that. UncommonGoods hold an amazing range of gifts for absolutely everyone and I am more than sure everyone will find something to their liking. What the company stands for, for me, is just a great bonus. Not only do they promote small manufacturers, but also put a big emphasis on being environmentally friendly to minimise their company’s impact on our planet. They also allow you to select a charity to receive $1 from them at the checkout which, so far, has resulted in them donating $1,000,000 since starting the programme in 2001. How amazing is that?
As stated, UncommonGoods do not only provide gifts for best friends; they can cater for just about anyone. Have a girlfriend that you’re struggling to buy for? Click here to see the gifts for girlfriends and make your choice! Want to make a gift extra personal? Look no further! ( And with Christmas just around the corner (I mean… it is now less than 100 days!) it would definitely be worth checking out some of their amazing Christmas gifts (
Now, for my personal, favourite choices…
1. I absolutely fell in love with pieces from this jewellery designer (Mary Steratore). I mean.. just look them, they are absolutely stunning. I don’t think there would be anyone who would dislike the look of them. My best friend often struggles with remaining positive.. so the positivity necklace would certainly be my choice. I personally also love the furry friend one; any volunteers to buy one for me?! 🙂
2.  Because my best friends is a little bit of a drinker (:)) of course I had to look for some amazing drinking accessories. I have found these absolutely amazing cocktail glasses (by Alison Thomas); not only do they look insane and super quirky, but also tell you what to put in your cocktail. I mean.. in case you had too much to drink and forget? I think it’s such an amazing idea.
3. Lastly, I just fell in love with these prints and artwork by Alena Hennessy. As stated before, my best friend struggles with thinking positive and with her low self-esteem. These inspirational quotes are just right and look beautifully. I would also definitely want one in my room.
Hope you enjoyed!

What is in my handbag?

Hi guys,
Hope you have all been well. I had quite a busy few weeks and quite a lot of things have been happening in my life. Some good, some bad, but we’re getting there! 🙂
One of the good things was the fact that I have managed to get my hands on a new handbag. I do have to admit I have quite a lot of handbags, but rarely find ones that I actually end up using regularly.  I am usually a backpack kind of girls just for the pure comfort of them and whenever I get a new handbag, it just always ends up in the corner of the room.
However, when I saw this beauty I couldn’t help myself and had to get it (especially due to the fact that the price was significantly reduced…). It’s the Kurt Geiger Leather Emma Bowling Black Tote Bag (could the name be any longer?!) . I thoroughly enjoy using it, I think it is just the right size. Inside, there’s a pocket that you can put the most important bits in. The gold hardware makes it match most of my outfits and jewellery as I always tend to sway towards gold rather than silver.
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And what does a new handbag calls for?! Of course, a what’s in my bag post. Enjoy!
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And believe it or not but I do not usually carry a cat around in my bag (although it’s debatable, as I am obsessed). However, for some bizarre reason Pippin refused to leave me today and insisted on being in my photos. 🙂
  1. Glasses – Mine are from Mango. I’m shortsighted and I need them for driving. Also, I have noticed that without them, I tend to miss out on a lot of things going on around me. I feel like everyone else is seeing things in HD.
  2. Purse – Just somewhere I keep my cards, money (that I don’t have a lot of, haha) and ID. I really don’t like it much, I feel it’s a LV rip off, but I’m yet to get a new one.
  3. A Zoella mist – only because it smells nice and it’s tiny. I received a set of all 4 scents for Christmas and it is very handy.
  4. A hair bobble – I just found it inside my bag. I usually use the Invisibobbles but they are usually on my wrists. And because I panic and tend to over-prepare, there are always extras in my bag.
  5. My current favourite lipcombo – This featured on my instagram recently. Of course it’s NYX, there’s no surprise to that. I currently use the NYX Liquid Suede Cream in the colour Soft-Spoken, the Butter Gloss in Madeleine and a Suede Matte Lip Liner in Soft-Spoken. Beautiful.
  6. A Tangle Teezer – Because I have long hair…. I have loads of these laying around my house.
  7. My phone – I say it’s in my handbag but in truth, it is more often in my hand. Enjoy the lovely picture of my boyfriend and I. 🙂
  8. A notebook – Mine is from Sainsbury’s but I think it’s very pretty. Love the copper details on it. I always carry a notebook, as I write songs and sometimes get inspiration in the weirdest of places.
  9. Headphones – When I am alone walking, on the bus or in any public places I always listen to music. It helps me focus. Whenever I forget these, I panic.
Here is an extra picture, just for the pure cuteness of it.
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Julia x