My first cover?

Hi guys,
All of us have a passion. Some of us do jogging, others make cards while I… sing. Now, I always loved singing. I used to do singing competitions when I was younger but no one ever told me I was any good. So I limited myself to singing in the car when I was going on road trips with my parents.
It was only at 20 that I discovered my singing teacher, Charlotte. She gave me confidence and believed in me. I am not amazing at singing. Nor will I ever be, but I enjoy it a lot. I did a couple of open mics in pubs and don’t think I will ever make a career out of it. But I love it.
And here it is.
My first cover.
I can’t believe I have actually done this. It seems surreal and I don’t know where I got the courage from.
I’m scared.

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