Oily roots and dry ends; hair advice


Hi, hope you’re all well!
I suppose that if you have stumbled upon this post it has either popped up on your Reader feed or you are one of the fellow, unlucky people who struggle with the worst kind of hair; oily roots and dry ends. I say the worst (yes, I may be exaggerating but come on, we all think we have it worst!) as there seems absolutely nothing there could be done about it. You try to moisturise your hair? Your roots become a greasy mess. You try to use clarifying shampoos? Dries out your ends. You try to not wash your hair everyday so that the natural oils can get to the ends of your hair? Better not leave the house!
However, despite all of the obstacles I somehow manage to wash my hair twice a week (Tuesday and Saturday to be precise!) and, I mean you can ask around, I think it looks rather acceptable. So, what do I do?


  1. Train your hair to be washed less often – I hated this tip. I heard it everywhere and would never thought it could work for me. I tried it a couple of times when I was ill and stuck at home but my hair would still become a greasy mess after a day and I would eventually just give up. I thought they were all a bunch of liars. Turns out, they’re not so I do apologise for swearing at you in my head if you do preach by this rule. One time I just decided to go for it and wash my hair twice a week. It was terrible for the first two months. Yes, two months of pony tails and hats. But it was so worth it in the end. My hair is now bearable even three days after washing and in much better condition.
  2. Use a good shampoo. After 4 days of non-washing, my scalp gets itchy and that’s when I know it’s time for a wash. The shampoo I use is a lifesaver (you can find it here!) and manages to clean every little bit of dirt and disgustingness from my hair. I honestly swear by it.
  3. Moisturise your ends but don’t use too much product on your hair – Kind of contradictory, right? However, honestly the products in the pictures are pretty much the only things, except for an occasional spray of dry shampoo, I have been using on my hair in the last few months and my hair has never been better. I use my trusty Bleach Reincarnation MaskΒ not as a mask at all but as a conditioner and after towel drying my hair, I apply Rosehip Oil to the ends (be careful as it’s really easy to apply too much!). Too much product weighs your hair down and leads to it becoming oily faster.
  4. Use dry shampoo sparingly – Yes, I know, dry shampoos are amazing. Yes, I know they save so much time in the morning and that they’re great for greasy hair. Except… are they? Dry shampoos often lead to itchy scalps; they dry the natural oils in your hair which at the end of the day, moisturise your hair and your scalp. They can also lead to hair loss. I use them occasionally, when I’m in a real need and of course, you can use it too however, if used daily then it may not always do you good.
  5. Tie your hair back when appropriate – When you’re at home and not having to look fabulous; tie your hair back. It won’t tempt you to play with it, touch it and it won’t fall into your (in my case oily) face. When in a shower, invest in a shower cap. If you’re going through a transition period and trying to hide oily hair from the world, then I would definitely recommend trying out dutch braids or boxer braids if your hair is long enough. They are absolutely amazing; look cool and save you from having to wash your hair. A winner.
What type of hair do you have and what tips would you recommend? Hope you enjoyed!

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