Favourite Youtube Workouts

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Starting to workout has actually been one of my New Year’s resolutions. I have worked out before for various amounts of time but always struggled to keep up for longer than 3 months. Whether it was because I wasn’t determined enough or because I got bored of the repetitive exercises I do not know. So i have decided to change up my game a little bit this year and I have been doing surprisingly well. Ever since New Year’s I have been working out at least 5 times a week and actually having fun, mainly thanks to those amazing videos which I am about to share with you. I hope I can provide some motivation or maybe give you some additional ideas to your workout.
Warm Up:
To warm up my body ready for exercise I usually like doing something really fun just to get me in the right mood. Usually I really like to dance it out. Not only does it involve the whole body and increases your heart rate ready for further exercise, it is also incredibly funny if you catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror. I have been using Zumba videos to do this and one of my favourite channels for this is Sid Vicious. I choose 3 songs that I fancy on the day and off I go!


Main exercise:
The part of my body that I exercise depends on the day. My bum and thighs are my problem areas so I tend to focus on these, however, I do try to exercise the whole body regularly. My favourite channel to get workouts from is POPSUGAR Fitness. There are so many great videos on there that I absolutely love. I switch the videos up all the time depending on what I currently want to work on but there are so many great trainers there and so many great workouts that sometimes it is just too difficult! Here are some of my favourites.
Cool down: 
Stretching is really important. To cool down I like to do a bit of yoga. It doesn’t only stretch out your muscles but also provides focus on your breathing and mind which is something I really need after a heavy workout. Boho Beautiful provides some great Yoga videos while looking absolutely stunning. A definite relaxation coming your way!


I hope you found this post somewhat helpful. How do you work out? Do you have any Youtube videos that you work out to or do you prefer the gym?
Julia x

12 thoughts on “Favourite Youtube Workouts

  1. I love to work out with a video, this post was really useful, I’ m going to check popsugar out the next time! I also like blogilates, she’s really great!
    love, elena



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