ASOS wishlist

Hi guys!
This post was incredibly fun to prepare. I love looking through shop websites anyway, ASOS in particular (yes, that is how I spend my Friday evenings, thank you very much), and picking out the most amazing stuff is particularly difficult because.. I just want to buy it all and who has the money to do that?! Nevertheless, with my birthday coming up soon I have decided to show you some of my favourite pieces currently available on the ASOS website with the hope of maybe giving some hints to my loved ones; they could provide inspiration for you, my dear readers, or maybe trigger you to do some shopping… not pressuring but retail therapy is the best therapy, right? 🙂
  1. ASOS Suede Biker Jacket – £90
  2. Reclaimed Vintage Tank Vest With Guns n Roses Print and Sequin Patches – £45
  3. ASOS Smock Top in Gingham – £25
  4. ASOS Denim Girlfriend Jacket with Pink Satin Edge – £50
  5. ASOS Corset Detail T-Shirt Dress – £32
  6. ASOS Top Spot Heeled Sandals – £38
  7. ASOS Leather Mini Skirt with Paint and Stud Detail – £95
  8. ASOS Patchwork Backpack – £28

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