ASOS wishlist

Hi guys!
This post was incredibly fun to prepare. I love looking through shop websites anyway, ASOS in particular (yes, that is how I spend my Friday evenings, thank you very much), and picking out the most amazing stuff is particularly difficult because.. I just want to buy it all and who has the money to do that?! Nevertheless, with my birthday coming up soon I have decided to show you some of my favourite pieces currently available on the ASOS website with the hope of maybe giving some hints to my loved ones; they could provide inspiration for you, my dear readers, or maybe trigger you to do some shopping… not pressuring but retail therapy is the best therapy, right? 🙂
  1. ASOS Suede Biker Jacket – £90
  2. Reclaimed Vintage Tank Vest With Guns n Roses Print and Sequin Patches – £45
  3. ASOS Smock Top in Gingham – £25
  4. ASOS Denim Girlfriend Jacket with Pink Satin Edge – £50
  5. ASOS Corset Detail T-Shirt Dress – £32
  6. ASOS Top Spot Heeled Sandals – £38
  7. ASOS Leather Mini Skirt with Paint and Stud Detail – £95
  8. ASOS Patchwork Backpack – £28

How to keep a relationship strong? – My advice

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Hi guys!
Today, I’m coming to you with a slightly wordier post which I am really excited to write. My parents have been together for the past 30 years. Whoever knows them, also knows how much they still love each other. Having this example throughout my whole childhood, I always had a very idealistic idea of love; you meet someone by bumping in them on the street, you share a moment and that is it, happily ever after, right? Sadly, it really isn’t. Relationships actually require a lot more work which I have actually been talking about with my mum recently. I have been with Bart for the past three years and with our third anniversary just around the corner, I have been thinking a lot about our relationship. We are a very happy couple. Every day I feel that I fall in love with him just that little bit more, despite thinking I could never possibly love him more. Unfortunately, finding a person that you have these feelings towards can be difficult in today’s society. With so many relationships falling apart and couples breaking up, what could you do to try and keep your relationship strong? Here is some advice from me and my three year relationship, and my Mum with a 30 years’ experience!
  1. Give each other space – I can’t stress this enough. Despite wanting to spend every minute of the day with each other when we first got together, it isn’t always healthy. Having your own hobbies and interests develop you as a person and if you can’t grow within yourself, then your relationship won’t either. A healthy, fruitful relationship consists of two people that are content in themselves. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t spend quality time together, in fact, you definitely should! It just means that at the end of the day, each one of you has your own life and you still manage to fascinate each other as individuals.
  2. Respect each other – So, sometimes people fight. Sometimes things get heated and that is absolutely normal. What isn’t, is when disrespect starts to creep in. People have different temperaments and you have to acknowledge that, however, personally there is nothing that justifies swearing, throwing and even worse, hitting. I have heard somewhere about a rule of not going to bed mad at each other. I try to put it in practice and although it doesn’t ALWAYS work, we do try our best. Respect isn’t only related to fights though. Respecting your significant other’s choices, decisions and views is also necessary not only for them, but for yourself also; at the end of the day, why would you want to be with someone who holds views so different to yours?
  3. Make sure you’re with the right person- This is a tricky one, because often people don’t know who the right person is. Before I met Bart, I thought I was in love when in fact, I was just smitten and ended up having a broken heart which will happen if it isn’t the right person. I really appreciate the experience and wouldn’t change it but I always had the mindset of having a relationship with someone I really cared about not just anyone, only for the sake of having a relationship. When I met my boyfriend, I just knew (as cliche as it sounds). So if your relationship doesn’t seem to work then maybe you should ask yourself whether you do indeed think they are the ones.
  4. Trust and friendship – I think this is perhaps the most important one. Before anything else, my boyfriend is my best friend.  I trust him with absolutely everything; I can moan about work and friends, I can tell him my silliest fears without being laughed at, I can end up laughing my head off with him after a terrible day, I can fully count on his support with whatever I do. There is no better feeling. So before love, make sure you are friends because spending your life with someone whose presence you truly enjoy is the best thing in the world. Be each other’s best friend and you are much more likely to achieve what my parents have (well, at least that is what my mum says!)
I hope these have been somewhat helpful. What do you think good relationships should consist of? What is a quality you look for in a partner? Let me know, as I would be more than interested to hear you views.
Lots of love,

Everyday University Outfit

Hi everyone!
The time has come when I’m back at university again. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate it hate it, I just… would much rather remain in my comfy bed watching yet another series on Netflix (Series of Unfortunate Events it is at the moment. Absolutely love Neil Patrick Harris!) rather than having to wake up at 6 in the morning to begin my one hour journey to the lecture. So, when it comes to choosing outfits for University, I ALWAYS choose comfort. There is nothing worse for me than having to spend seven hours at a university in a skirt that keeps turning out of place, or shoes that keep giving me terrible blisters. Today I am giving you an example of an outfit that I would definitely turn to in those early morning. I have paired a baggy jumper (which I love!) with some mum jeans and some comfortable, yet very much ‘in’, trainers from Nike. Hope you enjoy!

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(top – bershka, jeans – asos, cardigan – zara, trainers – nike, belt – asos, backpack – topshop)

Current Beauty Favourites

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Hi guys!
Today I bring you my current beauty favourites for.. no apparent reason! I was using one of the products recently and thought about how much I wanted to share it so the idea of current beauty favourites just popped into my head as a good blogpost.
I use quite a lot of products in my everyday life.Some of them, such my skincare routine products (which, by the way, has changed slightly in the past month, read on to see how!), I have already mentioned on here but these are the products that I was recently recommending to all of my friends and my mum, which only shows how much I love using them.
Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Nourishing Body Lotion with Nordic Berry – 400ml -£5.29  Random, I know! I am not a fan of moisturisers. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love what they do to my skin and I know they are necessary but the whole process of moisturising my body bores me to death and I can never be bothered to do it. Therefore, although I love the sound of the thick, lovely smelling body butters their practicality is a no from me. I need something that moisturisers my skin well, while absorbing quickly and being easy to spread without having to rub it in for absolute ages. This does just that and I am amazed. If you’re anything like me when it comes to body moisturisers, then this is something you should definitely try as not only does it work, but it is also a bargain compared to the other moisturisers you can find on shelves.
Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream – 50 ml – £24.00 A classic which I have finally managed to try out and you’re in for yet another positive review! As explained in my skincare routine post I have quite a problematic skin and find it hard to find a moisturiser that fits it well. Although my Liz Earle moisturiser managed to do the job, I fancied a change and after hearing the enormous amount of positive feedback I have decided to give Ultra Facial Cream a go. I wasn’t disappointed; although always thinking it was made for dry skin, it manages to balance out my skin and I now get a lot less oil excess on my skin throughout the day. Very moisturising and leaves skin feeling smooth and hydrated.
Inglot Nail Enamel (Shade 361 and 953) – 15ml – £9.00 Ever since getting rid of my acrylic nails I’ve been trying very hard to maintain my own and make them look somewhat bearable. These nail polishes have been helping me to do just that. They are very long lasting and with a top coat have managed not to chip for at least 5 days which for me, is really a very long time! They come in 153 shades, so everyone can find something for themselves. The colours are vibrant and two coats are surely enough to give a good coverage on the nails. The nail polish itself doesn’t dry out and the applicator is handy and  easy to use.
Tanya Burr Martha Moo Matte Lip – £5.99 I have been really trying to get into lipsticks more. For a while I always thought I looked like a clown whenever I put any lipstick on! Upon discovering my trusty NYX liquid lipsticks my life has changed and now I literally feel naked when not wearing a lipsticks to complete my make up. Recently I have really been loving this Tanya Burr Matte Lip in the shade Martha Moo. I have heard that apparently it does not work for all people shade wise, but for me, it is a perfect nude, subtle lip, perfect to wear with literally any eye make up or clothes. The lipstick itself is really long lasting and I find that I don’t have to top it off constantly. Although slightly drying, I have been reaching for it the most and would definitely recommend for this price!
What are your current favourites? I am always on the look out for new products.
Julia x

Winter blues – outfit

Hi guys,
It has been getting colder. I am not a fan of winter despite Christmas and my birthday which falls in February (yay, any Pisces?!) however, winter fashion always manages to cheer my mood up in those cold months. Who doesn’t love layering, right? In this outfit I have paired one of my beloved checked skirt from Topshop with never-going-out-of-fashion staples; a leather jacket and ankle boots. Cute, classy and comfy which is what I am all about when it comes to fashion and personal style. Enjoy!

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(leather jacket – h&m, checked skirt – topshop, jumper – h&m, tights – primark, ankle boots – clarks, watch – fossil)