Autumn/Winter 2016 trends; what to buy?

Looking through certain fashion magazines and websites there are some evident trends developing on the Autumn and Winter scene. So, what are some of the things you should have in your closet this year?
1. Floral prints – Summer isn’t going anywhere. Bring a little bit of sun with floral prints, especially on the lower half of your wardrobes. Skirts, dresses, maybe even floral trousers? Feeling the 70s vibe yet?
2. Military jackets and coats – If you thought khaki was not sticking around this season, you were wrong. Khaki jackets are still very much in fashion and making a massive comeback on the catwalks as are military jackets in general. Pair them up with jeans or dresses to give a masculine vibe to your outfit while still looking fabulous and trendy.
3. Shearing coats – in all colours, shapes and sizes. I swear we also had this one a while ago? I made the right decision now giving away the coat I bought a couple of years back! They are comfy, warm and stylish, which is my favourite type of fashion.
4. Sport elements – This one makes me SO happy. With my current obsession with Adidas clothing and bomber jackets, I feel like this trend was made for me. Put on some joggers and Nike trainers (or Louboutin heels if you feel daring!) and go and take the world by a storm.
5. Velvet – this is so 90s it makes my heart explode. 90s fashion is one of my favourites, so you can’t blame me for being excited. Anything from a velvet handbag or going as far as wearing a velvet jumpsuit, it is all in now.
There are certainly a few things that I will need to buy in order to update my wardrobe for the current season. It makes me ever so excited.

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