University tips; my experience

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Today I found myself completing university work, even though I am not back there until 20th September. It made me realise just in how many ways the decision to go to university has affected my life and with the (hopefully) successful results day you’ve experienced you may just be looking for a little bit of advice from someone who has been there and done that.
1.Live in the halls (or don’t)
Due to my university being considerably close to my hometown, I didn’t decide to move out. Mainly due to the fear of missing my family and my boyfriend when I was away; I am already anxious as it is and it just seemed like the better option. I do feel a little bit envious when I hear my university friends talking about how much fun they had while being drunk last night, so yes, I do sometimes regret it, but in the end I do feel that living at home was a better option for me personally. You have to think about what kind of person you feel that you are and which one of these option you will be better off with. I know people who didn’t want to live in the halls but now can’t imagine living with their families for longer than the two months of summer holidays, so maybe I am deceived.
2. Give yourself time to study  (or don’t)
I was never the kind of person to start studying a long while before my exams. For my GCSE’s I’ve revised the day before and for my A-levels I have allowed myself two weeks in advance. University has somewhat changed me; I tend to spend more time at the library and read a lot more books mainly because (again) I am now a lot more anxious than I was way back then. But I do know people who have completed their assignment essays the night before, submitted them two minutes before the deadline and managed to get one of the highest grades in the year. Yes, university is hard, but this too, is personal. Find your own way of studying, just make sure you try your best, after all, you are paying thousands for it.
3. Turn up to all lectures and seminars (or don’t)
Lets be honest. Some of the lectures are completely pointless and it almost seems to be a torture getting out of bed. I try to turn up to most (especially because my university checks our attendance!) but sometimes, you have to take a break. And by that I don’t mean skip at least one lecture a week, but if you’re feeling really poorly and nothing seems to be going right, just leave it. There’s notes online and if you miss a couple of lectures throughout the year, the world isn’t going to fall apart. On the other hand, if you feel that it might fall apart, the please, do turn up.
4. University is the best part of your life; go crazy (or don’t)
Oh, how many times have I heard about the crazy university nights all of my friends had. Oh, how many times have I heard about a person breaking up with someone back home for somebody met on one of those nights. Oh, how many times have I heard about the headaches, bruises and the nausea the day after those eventful nights. True, it gets a bit crazy and if you’re into that, you will be blooming in the university environment. But if you’re not, do not worry. Instead of partying, there is just plenty of other things to do and other people to meet. Who you become friends with (and trust me, you will become friends with a lot of people as you will all be in the same boat!) and what you choose to do during these years is your own, personal choice.
5. You have to go to university, get educated! (or don’t)
Now, university is a great place when you are studying something that you LOVE. If you are going to university to study something that you have no real interest in but just wish to get a degree then trust me, it’s not going to work. I have a love-hate relationship with my course and at the times of the hate, it gets really tough (i.e. I’ve nearly quite twice). If you are not passionate, then don’t go. Why waste money on something that you are not tying your future to. There are plenty of other ways to get into the job market that may be better and more suitable for you. Do research. Choosing to go to university is very personal and no other people should influence your decision.
Although not always ideal, university is a great experience. You get to meet new people, experience a lot of new things and learn, which is essentially what you will be there for. Don’t forget that while you’re having fun at the yet another night out. Make the most of it and take good care of yourself. You will remember these times forever.
Julia x
P.S. How cute is my cat notebook?!

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