(Current) August favourites

Today I wanted to share with you some of the things I’ve been enjoying all throughout the month of August. It went by so quickly, I literally can’t believe we are nearly at September already. I want to start by saying that August as a month has to be one of my favourites. The weather has been lovely, I’ve attended a few lovely birthday parties and been to a couple of amazing places. Go August!
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These are my make up favourites this month.
  1. Naked2 Palette – £38.50 Who doesn’t love a good Naked Palette, hm? This month the second edition has proven to be my favourite. The shades are very versatile and needless to say have a long lasting time especially when combined with the Urban Decay Primer Potion. A lovely variety of mattes and sparkly; a win for everyone.
  2. Makeup Revolution Blush Palette in Blush Goddess – £6.00 Can you believe this bargain? I have only discovered Makeup Revolution last month (I know, how late am I to this?) and decided to buy a couple of bits and pieces. This palette (especially the blushers) are insane. The colours are very vibrant and look lovely on the skin. They are very pigmented and so, even though used daily, you can barely see any use. The palette is comparable to some of the higher end ones while being a much more affordable.
  3. NYX Soft Matte lip cream – £5.50 (colours in the photo – Abu Dhabi and Cannes) I love this stuff. These lip creams are pretty much all I have been putting on my lips for the past month. They give an amazing colour and coverage due to being so rich and pigmented. They may not be everlasting, but I think that they last just about the right amount of time between the loo breaks on your night out. The colour selection is also quite incredible.
  4. NYX Mechanical Lip Pencil – £5.50 (colour in the photo – Natural) – I’m not usually the one for the twist up lip pencils, but this one is pretty amazing. The colour is the perfect colour for my lips (you know, one of those ‘your lips but better’). It is really long lasting and affordable. Would definitely recommend if you’re on a lookout for a new lipliner.
  5. Sleek Highlighter Palette in Solstice- £9.99 Can we start by admiring the packaging of this highlighter palette? How Instagramable? I bought this due to a massive hype in the blogging world and I wasn’t disappointed. The highlighters are very pigmented so a little goes a long way. The colours are lovely and all have a different purpose but can be used interchangeably. There are three powder shades and one cream one. Although I’m usually all about the cream highlighters, I do prefer the powders in this palette. Use this pretty much everyday.
  6. L’Oréal Paris Infallible Fixing Mist – £7.99 A perfect dupe for the Urban Decay Fixing spray. When applied well, it makes my make up last all day and helped my mum with her constant smudging mascara problem. However, you do have to be careful when applying it; if you don’t shake it well enough before spraying, you can experience all of your face as well as your clothes being covered in white, powdery dots. Not great. But other than that, a lovely product.
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  1. Victoria’s Secret – Pure Daydream Body Mist I bought this on sale in Superdrug and can’t find it anywhere online other than Amazon, so I’m guessing they’re not in production anymore? However, this smells lovely and I don’t remember it costing a fortune. It is a great summer smell, fruity and sweet, and you just feel like consantly spraying it on yourself.
  2. Trefoil Tee by Adidas Original – £22.00 It makes me so happy that sporty fashion is now back in style. I am completely in love with all the sporty clothing, especially Adidas. Starting with this, oh so easy to style, tee, Adidas has been my go to brand this month. Can’t get enough of the three stripes leggings, T-shirt dresses and even Adidas socks. Makes you look fashionable while feeling super comfortable and it doesn’t really get any better than that.
  3. Dove Derma Spa Summer Revived Medium to Dark Skin Body Lotion – £6.99 – After being on holiday in Spain in June, I have noticed my tan starting to fade and have contemplated using fake tan again. Trust me when I say that fake tan and I do not get along and have a lot of memories of looking orange and streaky together. But this is different. It gives a nice, healthy glow to my skin without any streaks and now I look like I’m in Spain every weekend.
  4. The Girl on the Train by Paul Hawkins – £9.99 I could literally not put this book down. I am one of those people that struggle to find a book that really captures their full attention and are particularly picky with what they read. This is a really captivating book. Although I found the unfolding of the events really surprising, I do think the ending could have been a bit better, but it still my favourite book I’ve read in August. Read in literally two days and would definitely recommend if you haven’t read it yet (and not a lot of people haven’t!)
So, these are all of the things I’ve been loving this month. Is there anything that you’ve been loving? I would love to hear all about it.
Have a lovely day,

Pretty in gold – outfit

Hi guys! Say hello to the first fashion post on the blog (yay!). I admit, it took me quite a while…
Firstly, I would like to apologise for the autumn feel in this outfit, I did not expect the summer in the UK to last for that long, but I have been pleasantly surprised. In fact, it is one of the best summers we’ve had in the long time, so the black jeans may not necessarily be ‘in’ right now.. But hey, I hope the outfit inspires you for the colder months. I think the colours are just right to wear in the autumn, when all the leaves begin to look golden. I also feel that the outfit is pretty much wearable during all situations, whether it is a fancy dinner or just a stroll around town.
And can I just talk about how much I love that bag from River Island? It is a true beauty and because it is black, it goes with pretty much everything I have in my wardrobe. A small, black handbag is certainly a must.



(top- Mulberry (vintage), jeans – Topshop, shoes – Topshop, bag – River Island, bracelets – Pandora and a Spanish market)

University tips; my experience

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Today I found myself completing university work, even though I am not back there until 20th September. It made me realise just in how many ways the decision to go to university has affected my life and with the (hopefully) successful results day you’ve experienced you may just be looking for a little bit of advice from someone who has been there and done that.
1.Live in the halls (or don’t)
Due to my university being considerably close to my hometown, I didn’t decide to move out. Mainly due to the fear of missing my family and my boyfriend when I was away; I am already anxious as it is and it just seemed like the better option. I do feel a little bit envious when I hear my university friends talking about how much fun they had while being drunk last night, so yes, I do sometimes regret it, but in the end I do feel that living at home was a better option for me personally. You have to think about what kind of person you feel that you are and which one of these option you will be better off with. I know people who didn’t want to live in the halls but now can’t imagine living with their families for longer than the two months of summer holidays, so maybe I am deceived.
2. Give yourself time to study  (or don’t)
I was never the kind of person to start studying a long while before my exams. For my GCSE’s I’ve revised the day before and for my A-levels I have allowed myself two weeks in advance. University has somewhat changed me; I tend to spend more time at the library and read a lot more books mainly because (again) I am now a lot more anxious than I was way back then. But I do know people who have completed their assignment essays the night before, submitted them two minutes before the deadline and managed to get one of the highest grades in the year. Yes, university is hard, but this too, is personal. Find your own way of studying, just make sure you try your best, after all, you are paying thousands for it.
3. Turn up to all lectures and seminars (or don’t)
Lets be honest. Some of the lectures are completely pointless and it almost seems to be a torture getting out of bed. I try to turn up to most (especially because my university checks our attendance!) but sometimes, you have to take a break. And by that I don’t mean skip at least one lecture a week, but if you’re feeling really poorly and nothing seems to be going right, just leave it. There’s notes online and if you miss a couple of lectures throughout the year, the world isn’t going to fall apart. On the other hand, if you feel that it might fall apart, the please, do turn up.
4. University is the best part of your life; go crazy (or don’t)
Oh, how many times have I heard about the crazy university nights all of my friends had. Oh, how many times have I heard about a person breaking up with someone back home for somebody met on one of those nights. Oh, how many times have I heard about the headaches, bruises and the nausea the day after those eventful nights. True, it gets a bit crazy and if you’re into that, you will be blooming in the university environment. But if you’re not, do not worry. Instead of partying, there is just plenty of other things to do and other people to meet. Who you become friends with (and trust me, you will become friends with a lot of people as you will all be in the same boat!) and what you choose to do during these years is your own, personal choice.
5. You have to go to university, get educated! (or don’t)
Now, university is a great place when you are studying something that you LOVE. If you are going to university to study something that you have no real interest in but just wish to get a degree then trust me, it’s not going to work. I have a love-hate relationship with my course and at the times of the hate, it gets really tough (i.e. I’ve nearly quite twice). If you are not passionate, then don’t go. Why waste money on something that you are not tying your future to. There are plenty of other ways to get into the job market that may be better and more suitable for you. Do research. Choosing to go to university is very personal and no other people should influence your decision.
Although not always ideal, university is a great experience. You get to meet new people, experience a lot of new things and learn, which is essentially what you will be there for. Don’t forget that while you’re having fun at the yet another night out. Make the most of it and take good care of yourself. You will remember these times forever.
Julia x
P.S. How cute is my cat notebook?!

My skincare routine

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Today, a little bit about my skincare. I wouldn’t necessarily say that my skin is problematic but it is certainly indecisive. One day, I will wake with my t-zone so oily you could actually almost see your reflection in it and then on others I can barely smile because it is so dry. Having proper combination skin really sucks, but here are the products that I use to try and calm it all down.
  1. First cleanse – Avene Micellar Lotion, 400ml, £16.00 I use this to take the majority of my make up off. It is really delicate on the skin and doesn’t sting my very sensitive eyes when removing mascara. It doesn’t really have a smell which some people may see as a big benefit, I personally don’t mind. It lasts a long time, does the job, doesn’t irritate my skin even on its worst days. Would recommend.
  2. Second cleanse – Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, 100ml, £14.00 Absolutely love this stuff. Although not too keen on the smell (I don’t know? Minty? Maybe it’s the eucalyptus in it) it really does properly cleanse your skin and leaves it feeling as soft as it has never been before. I apply it to dry skin to take off any left over make up and dirt, massage it into my skin and then take it off using a wet muslin cloth. Looking at the cloth afterwards, you realise how much you have actually needed that second cleanse!
  3. Toner – Pixi Glow Tonic, 250 ml, £18.00 I do admit, I did buy this because of the massive hype around this ‘cult’ product, but I have now also fell in love with this. I have used this twice a day for a while now and there are visible results. Although I am again not too keen on the scent, the luminosity of my skin has improved and it doesn’t clog my pores too much. I feel like it has really balanced my skin’s pH out and made my skin glow, but not due to excess oils for once!
  4. Oil – Botanics Organic Facial Oil, 25ml, £9.99 I really feel that Boots does it just right with skincare. The Botanics range is really inexpensive and does a great job, but this has to be my favourite product of all. Before I started using a face oil, I was afraid, because why would I want to add more oil to a face that is already oily? But I couldn’t be more wrong. Your face produces oil because it is too dehydrated so hydrating it actually reduces the production of oil on your skin, hence why this steps seems almost necessary. This facial oil is soothing, smells nice and moisturises my skin, leaving it soft and looking fabulous.
  5. Moisturise – Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser – Normal/Combination, 50ml, £20.25 Having combination skin I have tried so many moisturisers in my life; most of them, despite claiming to be aimed at combination skin were always either more on the dry skin or oily skin side. This I have found to work really well with balancing out my skin’s pH and leaving it nice and matte throughout the day without drying it out. It is really light and easily absorbed and doesn’t sit on my skin and clog my pores. A winner.
Hope you have enjoyed my little rant about skincare. Do you have any products you swear by for your skin type? Let me know, I might try them out. Have a lovely day and I hope to hear from you soon.
Julia x

My favourite TV series

Hi lovelies! Hope you are all well.
For the last few days I’ve been stuck at home. Frodo (my cat)  got a really nasty bite on his back leg (we still don’t know where he got it from!) and had to have stitches, resulting in him having to wear one of those medical collars. Now, if you have a cat or even a dog, you will know how much they hate wearing those, so he tries to take it off ALL THE FRICKING TIME. It’s a bit sad watching him in this agony of his,  but because of this, he has to be supervised at all times, so I have been spending a little bit more time at home. But fear not, I have been finding stuff to do, like for example, catching up on all of my favourite series, which actually, is what inspired me to write this post.
I am always on a look out for something new to watch and am one of those bizarre people who prefer a series to a movie; partly to the episodes lasting a shorter amount of time and partly because I feel that you relate a lot more with the characters. And trust me, I do get very attached. Here are some of my favourite shows to watch and hopefully I can help someone out in their time of utter boredom. If you have any TV series that you love, please let me know, I always appreciate any suggestions!

How I Met Your Mother

8Jna5ExNow, up until the finale, this has always been my favourite show. I have watched this sitcom all throughout my teenage years. It is a story of a father telling his children all about his young adult years (basically, him always meeting up at a bar with his four friends), building up to when he met their mother. This show has managed to make me laugh out loud and cry during the same episode; the situations are so relatable but the writers had the ability to write the scenes in such a way that you never left the episodes without a smile on your face. Now, the finale has been a little bit of a disappointment for me (an understatement, actually) but this will always be a show that I will go back to with a lot of nostalgia, as I feel like I have grown up with all the characters; from the womaniser Barney to the feminist, gun shooting Robin. Each episode lasts about 20 minutes which I actually really liked and it is such an easy watch. Would definitely recommend.

Game of Thrones

Game-of-thrones-Wallpaper-16If you haven’t watched Game of Thrones, you have at least heard something about it. This show is massive worldwide and I feel like it truly deserves all the praise that it has ever received. The story, although sometimes maybe too graphic if you’re sensitive, is so captivating and surprising in so many ways. It follows a way of many characters, trying to get a claim of the Iron Throne, but although this is meant to be the main plot, there is just so much else going on, that it would be impossible to even try to summarise it in this paragraph. The characters are so well written, but as every Game of Thrones fan says, don’t get too attached because they will probably die some way along in the show. The scenery in the series is amazing and the costumes incredible. The episodes are about an hour long and each episode never fails to leave you at the edge of your seat.


WDF_2633887Never have I ever thought I would enjoy a series titled ‘Vikings’. Not because I have anything against the vikings, I actually think they are rather too cool for me, but because I was never into anything historic like that. My boyfriend convinced me to watch the first episode and I have never looked back. As you can probably guess from the title, the show is about the vikings; one special vikings in particular, Ragnar Lothbrok  (who by the way, is incredibly handsome, so bonus!). It follows a story of him becoming an Earl and then, King Ragnar. I absolutely love the characters on this shows and would even go as far as saying that Lagertha is my favourite female character ever to appear in any TV series (and that is a big statement to make!). She is an inspiring, strong and ambitious role model even to present-day women and I adore her. Some good fight scenes.I never thought a show like this could make me cry; but you guessed it right, it did, many times.


skins-tv_00325147Again, a show that I have watched throughout of my teenage years. It is a British teenage drama that followed the life of a group of teenagers. Although I did find the show a bit unrealistic as I have personally never went through anything that may even resemble the situations in the show, I have somehow managed to connect with all of the characters at different levels. They all have a different story and they are written so well that even though you may feel like you dislike the character at first, you are bound to love them by the end of their era on the show. I feel like the best way to describe the show is: reality. I feel like it shows the ups and downs, the positives and the complete negatives of life. It touches on subjects like drug abuse, bad relationships, homosexuality, mental health and even death. It is just so real, on so many levels. Definitely a must-watch if you haven’t already, even if you’re not a teenager anymore.

Orange Is the New Black

Orange_is_the_New_Black_TV_Show-PhotosOrange Is the New Black, is a story of Piper, going into a women’s prison to serve her 15 months sentence for a crime she committed over a decade ago. For this one, I’m just going to scream: CHARACTERS! It is very rare to have so many well written characters in one show, for them to all be women and all for them all to be so unique. To be honest, I find it almost impossible to choose my favourite character. All of their stories are great; in each episode you get a least a glimpse of the past, that tells you more about different characters and gives you an insight to their lives making them more relatable and open to the viewer. Once you start watching the show I guarantee, you are not going to stop until you get to the end (thankfully, Netflix confirmed two more seasons!). It touches on subjects of sexuality, racism and discrimination and although the show is bound to make you cry it is bound to make you laugh out loud as well.
There are a few more that I could talk about, but I didn’t want to make the post too long as I do feel that I have rambled on enough! If you have any recommendations, please let me know, I’m always on a look out to get obsessed over a show again.
Julia x

Caring for ombre hair; my hair care routine


I’ve realised that although one of the first descriptions of my blog is ‘beauty and fashion’ there has never been a post on any of those things, so things are about to change guys, because today I am going to be talking about my hair.

This is my hair 11988782_1259010730792790_3482024713766840821_n(oh and me, hello! I don’t think you have ever seen me on here, so as well as my hair this is also my face with a little bit of an Instagram filter on it so that I don’t scare you too much!) I wash it twice a week and regularly use a dry shampoo, because… life gets in the way and there are better things to do, eh? I air dry it and don’t really tend to use a lot of heat on it unless it is a special occasion.

I have had ombre hair pretty much throughout my whole teenage years. I have dyed it this way for the first time when I was about 14 with an amateur kit from Superdrug with the help of my dear friend who really liked playing a hairdresser. Surprisingly, it wasn’t a complete disaster and I do think we did a pretty good job, but I did strive for  a more of a salon look, so in the end I did manage to get it dyed professionally after ditching ombre for a couple of months.


I have loved every minute of having ombre, even though people do tend say it is passé now. What I love about it, is the fact that you don’t even have to think about your roots and getting anything redone. You can leave your hair untouched for months (and yes, I have done that before…) and it will still look as if it was meant to be that way. The only downside of having ombre, is the fact that your ends, due to being bleached of course, get dry SO QUICKLY. They also split easily, but worry not, I am about to share my favourite products to avoid all of that fuss.

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Probably my favourite shampoo and conditioner for ombre hair? You don’t think you need a purple shampoo until you actually use it. It is meant to take out any brassiness developing in your lovely, golden locks and it does just that while leaving your hair feeling smooth and healthy (is it just me or was I the only one who thought purple shampoos would damage your hair because they are basically a toner?) I would recommend this one due to the affordable price compared to the other purple shampoos on the market, but I’m sure there are others which work just as well. I use this once a week and switch it up with a moisturising shampoo. (John Frieda Colour Renew Tone Correcting Shampoo and Conditioner, 250ml, £5.99 each)

This is my FAVOURITE hair mask, EVER. Sorry for the capitals, but I just can’t go on enough about this, as it has absolutely saved my hair. I use this twice a week, applying it about 10 minutes before I wash my hair. It does what it says on the tube; it is literally a reincarnation mask for your bleached hair. After using it, my hair feels the smoothest it has ever felt (even when I decided to ditch ombre for a few months I just carried on using it anyway). I recommend it to all of my friends who struggle with dryness in the ends of their hair and I absolutely recommend it to you. The price is not terrifying, it smells nice and works wonders. I’m sold. (Bleach Reincarnation Mask, 200ml, £6.00)

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Hair oils are a massive thing in today’s beauty regimes, so it would seem silly not to mention at least try them out at some point in your life. They are quite affordable and easily accessible. Personally, here are my two favourites which I use regularly; coconut oil and argan oil. The first one I usually use as a hair mask that I put on my hair overnight (now, that does mean I sleep in a amusing shower cap) and wash it off in the morning. Leaves my hair nourished and smooth. Argan oil I put on the ends of my hair after I have washed it but before it dries. Make sure you go organic though, you never know what you may find in the others and it is all about wanting the best for your hair.

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Oh and when I find a split end, these are my best friend. I just use hairdressing scissors to cut it off and I never have to worry about it annoying me ever again. I bought mine in Boots I think, so they were crazy cheap and do the job. Just make sure you don’t use normal, paper scissors. These do not tend to be sharp enough and instead of cutting away your split end, you will just be creating more of them. (Hairdressing Scissors, £8.29)


So yes, that is all I have to say about my ombre hair. I hope you find some of these tips and products useful and if you ask me, I would totally recommend for you to rock the ombre look. It is low key maintenance, you don’t have to spend hundreds of pounds getting your roots done every four weeks, but you still look absolutely fabulous.

Any more tips for ombre? Let me know if you know of any good tricks, tips and products.

Love you lots,