Meet my cats

Hi, a bit of a different post today.

I was and still am a massive dog person. I love dogs, I even used to have one and their wagging tails make me very happy indeed. When I had a dog, I really didn’t think about getting a cat; I didn’t feel like they liked me and vice versa. But as we grew older, when my dog died and basically everyone in our household worked nine till five, getting another dog wasn’t really an option, so we decided to get a cat. And you know how they always say ‘you’re not a cat person until you actually own a cat’? Well, that turned out to be the truest thing I have ever heard in my life.


So, meet my two babies. I don’t think I can describe my love for them and if you think I am exaggerating, then ask any of my friends; I am absolutely crazy about my cats and have no shame.



Frodo is the first cat that we got. He is now about four and a half years old and even though he absolutely looks it, he is not of any breed. When he first came into our house, there wasn’t any crying or loud meowing; he looked genuinely happy to be there. He was just this tiny, fluffy ball of fur that instead of peeing in the litter box, peed in the tray where my mum used to grow herbs. Good on him.

He grew into such a beautiful boy and although he is not very big, he certainly makes it up with his personality. He may not seem to be the bravest, especially when flinching whenever he hears a louder noise, but at the end of the day, he is the one to bring more mice in the house, so lets leave it at that.

Our cats aren’t the cuddliest, they do prefer sleeping on their own than making they way on someone’s lap. Frodo has his moments; in the evenings he will come into my bedroom, spread himself out on the carpet and wait for attention while giving out the loudest purr. I love him to bits.



Hello, meet the most outgoing and friendly cat in the universe. If you have watched Lord of the Rings then the personality of my cats truly reflect the personality of the characters they are named after.

Pippin loves people. To the point where he will happily go into our neighbour’s houses to say hello. He greets our guests at the door and he always comes to give a little ‘meow’ whenever a part of the family comes home from work or school.

He is a bundle of energy and has been ever since he was little. Although his wild running around the house is so common anymore when he is two years old, he will still be the one to play with toys or chase a fly around the house.

And although he is not the cuddliest, he loves waking me up at four in the morning just to express his boredom by giving me a massive kiss.


I love animals and would love to hear about any that you might have and be willing to share with me. It melts my heart.

I swear this blog starts being so random now, but I just like writing about things that make me happy. This is certainly one of them.




Things I love about Spain

Hi, hope you’re all doing well.

Ever since I was a little girl my dream was to live in Spain (It still is, actually!). I was always curious of their culture, language, architecture. Something about the country just struck me.

I do have to admit I have managed to fulfil my childhood dreams quite effectively; ever since that time I have undertook the learning of the language and visited the place twice, so, go me! My dream of living there won’t be achievable for at least the next two years due to my studies but I’m not going to give up hope as anything is possible if you really want it. And I really do. Here are some reasons why:

The weather

On the contrary to most people living in the United Kingdom, I love high temperatures and the sun. We don’t get to experience a lot of these in UK, but I do find that when we do, I am a much more motivated and positive human being. Costa del Sol, which is where I spent most of my holidays in Spain, enjoys an average of 300 sunny days per year. I don’t think it could get any better than that. The beach culture thrives, the night life thrives and it is all I ever need in life.


The people

Let me set this straight; I am in no way an expert on Spanish people and their culture and if anything in this offends anyone, then I apologise.  But I do have to put this out there: I love the Spaniards. I love their laid back attitude (what is the point in rushing?!) which has probably derived from the local climate. I love their siesta and how literally everyone comes out late in the evening for a nice meal at a restaurant. I don’t think that would ever be possible in England, especially on a week day,  not only because it is usually freezing cold, but also due to the fact that most people have to wake up for work the next day.

I love how family orientated they are and how social life plays a massive role in their existence. Because, what is the pleasure if you just work, work, work and work?


The food

Lets not joke; this is probably the most important bit for me. Whenever we go on any holidays we take it upon ourselves to try the local cuisine and never end up eating at the hotel but rather exploring the tiny cafes and family-run restaurants.

Where do I start? From chorizo, paella, croquettes to churros and crema catalana, Spanish food never fails to hit my tastebuds with brilliance.

What has really left a big impact on me, was the food market in Barcelona; La Boqueria. From the outside, it may look like nothing much, but after seeing the what seems like endless maze of different food stands, you will be amazed. The variety, the passion and the drive that you can sense in this place is just indescribable.  If you’re there, you just have to visit.

As we’re at it, if you are ever near Palamos in Catalonia, please try eating in a restaurant Candela. Hands down the most delicious tapas I have ever tried. Can’t recommend this enough.



Spain is in no way architecturally similar to any other country I have ever visited. Paris being charmingly consistent with the architecture throughout the whole city is a lovely contrast to Barcelona, where next to each other you can find an old-fashioned townhouse and a modern tower block standing next to each other.

But on one side, you can experience the beautifully structured buildings designed by Gaudi,  to then just be able to drive for two hours to see the Greek-like architecture of Cadaques.

Although Barcelona has a special place in my heart, Cadaques has really done it for me. Out of all the places I have ever been to, this must be one of the most romantic and breathtaking. It is a place I would easily recommend to anyone, even when going on a honeymoon. Secretly, I hope to get married there someday.


Although these I would consider to be the main bits that stick out to me about the country, there is so much more about Spain that I still don’t know and am willing to find out. There are so many places there, that I have yet to see and so many tastes I have yet to experience. I hope that my future allows me to do just that.

Lots of love,


PS. All of the photograph were taken by me.