I love the seaside. Although I don’t live directly by the seasise, I have always been quite close and near it. Being a person with anxiety, the sea always manages to calm me down. Just sitting there, listening. And if you listen carefully, there is just so many stories that the sea has to tell.

I think the sea can be quite intimidating. It seems so immensely massive that it makes all of my anxieties feel the size of the pebbles on the beach. It makes me realise that perhaps, in this big, wild world, all of the things that I am worrying about may not really have that much importance. That they are just dark stories made up in my head and won’t take place; and if they do, so be it! It is not the end of the world; it is not like the sea will dry out, it is not like the waves will stop crashing to the shore. I will get through this and so will you. There are many other ways that I often use to calm myself down, but if I really feel like going to the seaside and can’t at the very moment I just listen to the sound of the sea online. There are a lot of videos and files out there for you. It may not be the same, but it’s something.

Just a thought; maybe the sea calming us down has something to do with us being in the womb surrounded by fluid? Apparently, when I was very little I cried a lot and my mum used to put the hairdryer on near me, because it is supposed to remind the baby of the sound of the fluid in the womb. Well. Now it sounds silly.

(Yay! My dirty sandals!) I also love the pebbles on the beach. Not only do they give amazing foot massages, but provide me entertainment for hours. I love looking for shells and pretty rocks that I could then put in jars and use as decoration in my room. (You also find lots of other gems, such as cigarettes, 1p’s, plastic…) Whenever I go with my family, we tend have a competition; who finds the best shell, wins. There isn’t really a price other than pure satisfaction, but in our family the feeling of beating everyone else is really enough.

Oh, the houses by the seaside. Don’t you just wish that you would wake up to the sound of the sea? And then open your curtains and the first thing you see it’s the sea? And then whenever you looked out the window, there it was, right in front of you? Oh yes, I wish.

I love you all,

P.S. And of course, you can’t forget that the best thing about the seaside is fish and chips!!!!

P.S. 2 The photos were taken in Hastings.


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