Paris is considered one of the most romantic cities on Earth (well, maybe beside Venice which is the usual destination for the honeymooners). Unfortunately, when we got there it was far from romantic; Paris has greeted us with rain, fog and unusual chilliness. But how could this possibly put you off? Despite the runny noses and frozen toes we began exploring this architecturally stunning place.

What has caught my attention straight away was the way of the Parisians. It is almost as if they don’t notice that you’re there and don’t get me wrong, I do not mean it in a bad way. It gives the place authenticity and allows you to truly experience the place. The fact that they are all so well dressed is only a great bonus. The amount of times I turned my head following yet another completely unique outfit, I could not possibly count in my head.

Although we haven’t managed to take a decent photo of the Eiffel Tower (I know, foolish), the views from it were absolutely breathtaking. Despite my fear of heights, I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures. As I have already said before, the architecture is absolutely astonishing. All these apartaments with big windows gave me a Vogue-like feel and made me desparately want to live in one at some point in my life!

Since my boyfriend and I are so gooey and romantic we couldn’t possibly miss Pont des Arts. I think it is a lovely little gesture. Being realistic, I don’t think all the couples that hang their padlocks there remained together for the rest of their lives, but it is the thought that counts. Although I think the bridge has now collapsed (oops!) the symbol of our love still remains in this photo.

What I also find very important in my travels is food and yet again Paris has not dissapointed me on that one. I fell in love with the sweet tarts and my favourite macaroons. The cheese selection was incredible and we did end up eating it for our lunches quite a lot with some amazing chutney and a selection of regional meats. I am also a massive sea food fan, therefore I am not overly scared of trying anything that looks unappealing to the eye, however snails I have never tried before in my life. And although we did order them and I did try my best, their taste still remains a mystery to me.

Paris will forever remain one of my favourite places to go back to.



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